Walker Career Center's The Threshold Restaurant

A student training program. Training today for the chefs of tomorrow. Feed off our education!

The Threshold Restaurant is presented by the Walker Career Center, and is a student run culinary arts program. The junior chefs learn the skills required to run a full service commercial kitchen, from purchasing to presenting the food to the customer. This unique opportunity allows students to train in our two year program, and earn industry certifications that provide them with a jump start on their futures in the hospitality industry. Students not only run a restaurant, which is open to the public, but they also have opportunities to compete in competitions that lead to scholarships for college. The Threshold and the Culinary Arts program is a great choice for anyone interested in cooking, and also doubles as a dual credit course for college. Training today, for the chefs of tomorrow.

The Threshold is open from 8:00 - 9:30 Wednesday through Friday for breakfast and 11:00 - 1:00 Wednesday through Friday for lunch. Please join us. You won't be disappointed.